17 Amazing Mysteries That Science Can’t Explain

When confronted with mysteries in life we are all too quick to head over to Google, or any other search engine, in order to try and find out the answer. Google itself is an invention borne by the work of scientists years and years before our usage. In that same way we have grown to assume that science can answer every question that is lobbed at us, or at least go a long way toward giving us an adequate answer. Yet, science isn’t a perfect art and the very nature of our reality means that we will always be hunting for answers. We decided to pick 10 of the most amazing mysteries that science hasn’t been able to explain. Keep on reading but be forewarned that these mysteries might keep you up at night.

1. Cows will face directly north or south while eating, always

Cows on pasture

Let’s face it: nobody is sitting around trying to figure out the what direction most animals face while they are eating. For instance, our cat would sit on its head if it meant that it could get a few extra treats. Fortunately there are scientists out there much smarter than us. Utilizing satellite images pulled from Google Earth, a team of researchers found that cows always stood facing the magnetic poles within the Earth while eating or resting. Always. Spooky, right?

2. Why do we need sleep?


When you consider how much time we spend sleeping it seems like a given that we really need it. And we do! We do really need to sleep in order to stay healthy and stay alive. However, scientists aren’t sure why this is exactly. Every creature on the planet experiences some form of sleep and right now one of the leading theories is that we sleep for ‘brain maintenance’. Crazy!

3. Why did some mammals turn back to the ocean?


Evolution is one of the most consistent and heralded scientific theories around today and it has survived for numerous years and likely will continue to do so. Still, we are left with some questions. We understand why evolution would bring animals out of the water and onto land, but what would cause the inverse to be true such as what happened with the ancestors of seals? Evolution from within the waters is a much trickier situation and one that doesn’t make sense with our current scientific understanding.

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