17 Amazing Mysteries That Science Can’t Explain

4. Magnets

Magnet attracts some spheres - business concept

Scientists understand how magnets work to a degree but what they don’t understand is this: why do natural magnets ALWAYS have a north and south pole? Further, no matter how many times you cut a magnet in half you will always get a magnet that has a north and south pole. Pretty strange right? Scientists can generate lab made magnets that only have a north or south pole, but out in the wild this is simply not the case — it has never happened simply put we just don’t know why. You know what, let’s just set magnets aside entirely. Why do they even exist?

5. A Cat’s Purr

Is there anything more symbolic of domesticated contentment than the purr of a cat? If there is we haven’t heard of it. If you have a cat then you know just how content your kitty is when they are purring and there is little more rewarding for a cat owner than to bask in the love of an adoring cat. Yet, this simple act of purring has kept scientists on the edge of pulling out their hair for as long as they’ve been studying our feline friends. Scientists today cannot figure out how exactly cats manufacture their purring. Scientists to this day don’t have a solid answer down but the leading hypothesis is that cats use the vocal folds in their larynx in order to create the vibrating sounds we interpret as purrs. Why do domesticated cats all choose to do this? No idea.


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