Not Proud of Your Prom Photos!? Neither Are They! 40+ Celeb Prom Photos!

The word “prom” brings up a lot of different memories and feelings. Depending on your age and personal experience, some may be good, and others not so much.  It’s the highly anticipated final high school dance, where students dress up in their best gowns or suits, to dance celebrate the upcoming graduation.  Everyone makes the effort to look their best, and it’s only years later that we can judge for ourselves whether we hit the right note or not.

Celebrities were once in high school too, and some of them may regret the “look” they went for! This list shows those pictures, and shows why it is best to go for a timeless style than a trendy one that will definitely show your age.  Let us know in the comments section which are your standouts!!

At the end of this slide we’ll not only give you who we feel had the hottest pic of them all, we’ll give you a top three! So who will make the top three? Who was hot? Who could have tried harder? Read on!




Awww…what a sweet face! Young Taylor Lautner looks like he may have gone on a stroll at twilight with his prom date and was mid-wolf transformation by the looks of that hair. Alright, tough to hate on Lautner here; even the spikey hair somewhat works for him in this picture. It may perhaps even look good on him today, but let’s not ignore his date.

Like…woah! That girl is serial thrillin, star blazin, war stopping, knee weakin, heart meltin, eyebrow raisin….

Anyway…yeah she’s pretty…

Moving on…

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