15 Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump

Even Ivanka Can’t Stand The Cheating!

This divorce got real ugly!

Who can forget this mess?!? Even if you weren’t alive in 1992 when they ended their 15-year marriage, you’ve probably heard some of the details.

Yikes! Where to start? So Donald married Ivana in 1977 and they seemed happy … for a while. That is until 40-year old Donald started having an affair with 23-year old Marla Maples! The infidelity got so bad that Marla began traveling with him and his family. When the family went on vacation, Marla went too. Of course she kept her own rooms (more like suites!) so that Donald could ditch his family whenever he wanted to go get some. Shameful!

This went on for a while, with everyone in the world knowing what was happening but nobody in the family addressing the issue. Well, the s#it hit the fan in Aspen when the two women ‘accidentally’ met on the slopes. After one hell of a catfight, there was one hell of a divorce. During the proceedings, Ivana claimed that Donald raped her. She later retracted that statement, but the accusation still lingered.

The real victims in all this was the children. Just look at how Ivanka is putting a brave face on the whole situation in the above photo. There’s nothing worse for a little girl than finding out their dad isn’t the white knight they thought them to be.

Donald went on to marry Marla Maples and Ivana went crazy. She had multiple plastic surgeries, wrote a tell-all biography, stripped naked on British TV, and went on any talk show that would pay her to talk about the divorce. She made a whole career out of being a scorned woman (ahem, Taylor Swift!).

Let’s see how Donald’s new marriage worked out …

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