Angelina Opens Up About Divorce, Brad Pitt Embarrassed

1. Why The Split?

There had always been a faulty start up.

In 2003, Brad Pitt, was married to Jennifer Aniston, signed on to star in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Initially, Nicole Kidman was positioned to play opposite the blonde hunk, but Pitt apparently didn’t feel enough chemistry with her and didn’t go ahead the film. Kidman moved on to Stepford Wives. According to News.com.au, Producer Arnon Milchan said “immediately after he cast Jolie as the female lead, Pitt immediately called back to say he was glad to play Mr. to her Mrs.”  They began filming in January 2004, and  there was rumor that Mr an d Mrs smith were already hooking up, though each persons concerned denied it.

In May 2004, Pitt took then-wife Aniston to the Troy premiere, obviously to cover up rumors about Mr and Mrs Smith. That August, paparazzi capture Pitt and Jolie in a cozy way, which Mr. and Mrs. Smith obviously denied as being in movie character. In December 2004, Pitt went on a vacationed with Aniston, and a month thereafter, in January 2005, they made public their split. In March, Aniston filed for divorce and in April 2005, Pitt and Jolie were captured on a vacation with Jolie’s son, Maddox.  If relationships start with cheating, either partner is bound to have trust issues at some point.

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