Men: Low Energy At 45+? Want To Feel Manly Again?

When you reach a certain age, being athletic, physical, or energetic just isn’t the same anymore. It’s like someone took away your powers.

While there are many products out there that are questionable and don’t really have proven results, nothing beats the tried-and-true approach.

Do you want to feel manly again? Keep reading.


Oh yes, it’s pretty obvious. And at times, you don’t get enough of it depending on your lifestyle and if you’re still working long hours. While you might want to run on less sleep in order to fit more activities or responsibilities in your day, sleep is crucial.

At the bare minimum, 6 hours a night is what you need, but 7-8 is more desirable.

Of course, there are nights when you won’t be able to sleep that much, so having a good alarm can help you get the best quality sleep on less rest. Sleep Cycle is a highly recommended smartphone app for this.

During your sleep is where you build those muscles, replenish your testosterone levels, and how you revive your overall energy. It’s a major factor.


Oh of course. Exercise. But not everyone wants to get off the couch and stop watching TV, right?

Yes, as men age, it’s harder and harder to be more physically active, and that’s understandable. Not everyone has the ability to exercise or be as active as their younger years.

However, if you’re able to do any weightlifting, no matter how light, it’s crucial to helping you maintain muscle and your t levels. This, in turn, would help you maintain your energy throughout the day.

It’s okay if your doctor won’t allow you to lift weights, so even something as simple as walking every day can help boost your energy levels and how you feel overall.


Let’s be real here. You can’t out work a bad nutrition. And yes, there are methods of eating out there that allow you to eat whatever you want as long as you maintain the right caloric intake.

So what’s the catch?

Energy levels and your overall mood. It’s really a balance here. Not everyone can eat only whole foods that are natural and clean. It’s only human to be able to indulge in some food that isn’t so health every once in a while.

We can discuss more about that balancing act later.

Forget The Bells And Whistles

You’re a man in your 40s or later and you want to tap into that energy and liveliness you had back when you were into your 20s? It’s possible. However, there are no shortcuts. No magic tricks.

We tend to keep it simple on my newsletter and stick to the basics. This quick article just cracks the surface.

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